WordPress: 3 Plugins for Mobile-Responsive Websites


WordPress plugins are simple and quick ways for making your website or blog, mobile responsive. Now we all know how important making your website mobile optimised is today. These WordPress plugins are here to help you and your website. You can use them even if you don’t have experience or a big budget.

JetPack WordPress Plugin

JetPack is an easy to use, open source platform that comes with a straightforward mobile theme. The theme is responsive in terms of any website or blog you might use it for and is equipped with features for customisation like custom backgrounds, menus etc, which provides for an excellent user experience. It also offers visitor statistics, automatic speed increases when loading images, and security against cyber attacks.

WP Touch WordPress Plugin

With its design focused on improving user experience, WP Touch brings you an interface that is reactive and compatible with Google Mobile Test. This will result in an increase in traffic for your mobile website. Templates are simple to customise, and your users have a choice between mobile and desktop versions, without the desktop theme being affected.  Deciding to go premium will bring you additional themes, options for advertising, customer support and more.

WP Mobile Edition Plugin

WP Mobile Edition optimises your WordPress website for mobile devices by using mobile switcher. What this means is that it detects and loads compatible versions of your site to devices whether mobile or desktop. Visitors can also choose to optimise between built in desktop and mobile themes. It allows for image and large sized article scaling and removal of media that is not supported.

Making your WordPress site mobile optimised is now easier with WordPress plugins such as these. There are many other plugins available you can use to create mobile responsive websites. It is up to you to find the one you think is best for your website.

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