OpenCart Tips – Wildcard Product Search

OpenCart Tips - Wildcard Product Search in Admin


If you are searching for products in the OpenCart Admin system using older versions of OpenCart, you may find it frustrating trying to find  a product that you want to edit if you can't remember the full product name.

If you have an SKU code or model number then it's easy, but if you don't use these and you are dependent on remembering the exact product name or searching on the front-end and then copying it in to the back-end then it gets time consuming!

So here's the thing, you are able to use a wildcard, so how does it work?

Well say the product you are looking for is called 'Mother of the Bride', you can't remember the exact name and you type this in and nothing appears as the product name is actually called 'Wine Glass Charm Mother of the Bride', it could take ages so here is what you do.

Type the following into the product field in admin, %Bride% and filter and all the products with the word 'Bride' in will display. Type in %Mother of the Bride% and filter and a smaller list of all products with 'Mother of the Bride' in the product name will appear.

So adding a % Symbol either side of your search words/words will mean you don't need to remember the actual product name and will allow you to find the product you are looking for faster.

I hope that helps, Happy searching!

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