Monthly Archives: May 2012

QR Code Marketing

QR Codes have been around since the 90's but have only really been adopted as smart phones have become widely available. So what is a QR Code?QR or 'Quick Response Codes' are a type of barcode that can be read by scanning using smartphones and dedicated QR reading devices. The codes link directly to more…
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SEO using OpenCart

OpenCart is one of the many ecommerce platforms that are in use today on the numerous online business websites. It is loaded with different features and applications that make it very easy to navigate and order the products one needs. In fact, many beginners and seasoned online shoppers and webmasters prefer it to other more…
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Open Source CMS why use it?

Open source CMS or content management systems is software whose source code has been released to users worldwide. The different users come up with different changes that make the system more productive or adaptive to different situations. This ensures that the system does not become obsolete in a very shot time span or that it…
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