About Tristar

Our Approach

We aim to produce highly creative visual solutions that are tailored to your requirements built with cutting edge technologies delivered using tried and tested processes that result in easy to use solutions that are fantastic value for money.

From initial contact, our experienced consultants will clarify your objectives. We strive to understand your business and, more importantly, how the web can benefit you. Once we understand you, we will use our extensive knowledge and over 20 years' experience to find a solution that fits. We aim to match our solution to your needs, giving you a website that will grow as you do.

All our solutions are clearly explained in a proposal that sets out exactly what you will get and the level of service you should expect working with an experienced web development company.



We begin with an initial consultation where we will meet with you in person or by video conferencing to better understand your business and business needs.

This includes:

    • Analysing your current website, what is working for you, what is not and what is missing that would give benefit
    • Understanding your business, your vision for the future, where you want to be and how you are looking to get there
    • What functionality would benefit your site users to improve sales and enquiries
    • Marketing and SEO

From this meeting, we will come up with a proposal of what we would suggest would benefit you in a website and where possible allow for additional functionality and phases moving forwards.

Project Mangement

Our processes ensure your project is delivered in a timely and structured manner. You will be assigned a project manager who will guide you through the process, avoiding the pitfalls and orchestrating the delivery of your site.

Your project manager will:

    • Guide you through the process, from kick-off meeting to site launch
    • Make sure the project specifications and deliverables are met
    • Oversee both the design and development of the project
    • Ensure that all quality standards are met
    • Inform you in advance what is required from you and make sure deadlines are adhered to
    • Keep you posted with regular progress updates

Lastly, our project manager will make sure your site is built with future business requirements in mind and that 'best practices' are followed at all times.

Design & Creative Process

How do you produce highly creative web designs and concepts either bespoke or working with Premium Responsive Templates whilst adhering to deadlines, budget constraints, and making sure the end result is loved by the client, well received by the public, is easy to use and loads quickly?

We believe that we have the answer, we will:

  • Discuss what you look for in a well-designed website and what you dislike
  • Analyse your competition and marketplace
  • Follow your branding for a consistent look and feel
  • Create stunning visual concepts
  • Incorporate your feedback into your site's design and layout
  • Follow a flexible process to make sure all this is done within the agreed timeline.

Technology & Integrations

Make no bones about it, we are experts using cutting edge open source technologies, utilising complicated techniques to produce simple, usable web-based solutions.

All our Websites and products are developed in-house, giving us complete control over what it does, how it works and the way it grows. This gives us the edge over dealing with developers outside of the UK.

If this sounds expensive, it isn't. Our websites are built in a modular fashion allowing us to add functionality already available or adapt these where we can to create the functionality you require.

We strive to speak our client's language and will not bamboozle you with technospeak. But if you like that kind of thing, here's a list of some of the technologies we work in:

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