Monthly Archives: March 2012

Are you prepared for IE10 or will your website cease to function?

If your website is built in ‘Flash’, has elements of ‘Flash’, a Flash Gallery or worse has a ‘Flash’ menu then you are or should be aware that your website does not function fully or at all on iPads. Apple took the decision not to support ‘Flash’ and as a result sites that use the…
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It’s Time To Stop Supporting Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)

I can't take it anymore, using IE7 that is! You might wonder why I am still using it? Well as web developers we need to make sure that sites render correctly in all the major browsers and that includes IE7. Yes you can use IE tester but in our experience these give an indication of…
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Pinterest – The benefits for SEO

As soon as you get used to Facebook, Twitter etc... as a form of marketing up pops another one! Have you heard of Pinterest? (That's the name an amalgamation of the words 'Pin' & 'Interest' if you had not spotted that yet). Well this is the latest social network that has popped up and is…
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