QR Code Marketing

QR Code Marketing

QR Codes

QR Codes have been around since the 90′s but have only really been adopted as smart phones have become widely available.

So what is a QR Code?

QR or ‘Quick Response Codes’ are a type of barcode that can be read by scanning using smartphones and dedicated QR reading devices. The codes link directly to more extensive information, emails, websites, phone numbers, offers and more! Most smartphones have a QR application installed or you simply download a free App from the market place.

For advertising and marketing, they offer huge potential for getting your brand, products and services across to your audience. You may have noticed QR codes on posters on billboards, bus stops magazines, newspapers, flyers and websites. By simply scanning the QR Code with your Smartphone you can access a wealth of information, this might be just a phone number, a page within your web site showing event dates or even an offer or voucher you have hidden on your website that will show the success of your QR Code campaign.

Useful QR Code Links

QuickMark Barcode Scanner

QuickMark QR Scanner

Free QR Code Generator


How/what can be encoded to a QR Code?

A QR Code is an ‘image-based hyper link’ that can be used offline – any URL can be encoded into a QR Code which means any webpage can be opened automatically as a result of scanning the barcode. If you want to encode the URL in your QR Code, encourage people to like your Facebook/Twitter page, send someone to a promotional page, the options are endless.

QR Codes can also contain a phone number – so when it is scanned it prompts the user to call a particular number. Similarly you can encode an SMS text message, V-card data. Smartphone devices will automatically open the correct application to read the content embedded within the QR Code.

How do I get a QR Code?

There are many free and paid for ‘QR Code generator’ sites on the Internet, you just find the right one to fit your purpose of including a website URL, phone number etc… Simply generate your code and add the QR Code to your marketing material and away you go

Recent Projects including QR Codes

QR Codes are ideal when it comes to events and doing away with the expense of creating virtual tickets.

We have recently carried out bespoke work to an OpenCart website that uses a Google API to generate QR Codes for event tickets that can be either printed and scanned using third party scanning software or displayed on a phone and scanned.


Client: Chilfest

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