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Woo Commerce

Built for WordPress

For those that already have a WordPress website and wish to add eCommerce then WooCommerce is built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, making it the obvious eCommerce choice for existing WordPress users.

Sell anything, anywhere: From real products and digital downloads to subscriptions and content when linked to a payment gateway.

This is the ideal solution for those that have a few products, event bookings etc.. However if you intend to sell 1000's of products then you should really be looking at OpenCart or Magento.

WooCommerce Website Development

Open source

WooCommerce is 100% open source allowing you to benefit from an active and growing community of contributors.This also means that when developed and installed on your website it is then owned by you on your website.

Own your data

Keeping your data independent of any third party software platform gives you complete control of your business. All data is owned by you.

Keeping your WooCommerce website secure and maintained.

It is very important to make sure that your WooCommerce website is regularly maintained and patched with all module updates taking place. This will help to safeguard against attacks and keep your site operational and protecting customer information

WooCommerce website development and maintenance.

At Tristar we are able to build full WooCommerce websites for you allowing you to sell products, tickets, subscriptions, memberships and more.

We will also advise as to whether WooCommerce is the best solution for your requirements, not just now but for your future plans.


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