OpenCart Modules

OpenCart Modules

OpenCart Module Installation and Bespoke Development

OpenCart modules allow for increased functionality within your website. Tristar has created some of its own OpenCart modules and is now an OpenCart Partner. Tristar can install modules for you, or if you require the development of OpenCart modules, even create bespoke OpenCart modules for use on your OpenCart eCommerce website.

You may already have OpenCart modules installed on your website, they give you 90% of the functionality you require but you still require an addition to this functionality, the contact Tristar and we can add additional functionality.

Currently, we have a number of free to use OpenCart Modules available to download along with a few more in-depth paid for OpenCart modules that will increase functionality on your website.

In addition, Tristar often creates bespoke modules to allow for specific functionality for your websites, such as product builders, shipping integration and POS integration.

OpenCart Module - Speedy Load

Speedy Load

OpenCart Module - Allow PDF Upload

Allow PDF Upload

OpenCart Module - Multi Image Fix

Multi Image Fix

OpenCart Module - Information Pages

Information Pages

OpenCart Module - Display Calculated Price

Display Calculated Price

OpenCart Module - Product Manager

Product Manager

OpenCart Module - Bugsnag Notifier

Bugsnag Notifier

OpenCart Module - Multi-store Pricing

Multi-Store Pricing

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