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From March 31st, 2012 the Facebook Business Pages that we know are due to change! You may have already have seen changes to the Facebook social pages with the introduction of Timeline which gives you a new page layout with a nice banner graphic across the page. Timeline has now become available on business pages and at the end of March, all Business pages will be automatically updated to this format.

So what does this mean for businesses?

Well, you will need to make some changes by adding a banner image either yourselves or asking your web company to produce one for you.

Facebook is pushing the benefits to brands by using 'Timeline' to tell their brand story which will allow you to market your brand, business, services with a stronger initial message. When someone now visits your Business Page the first thing they will see is your large banner, a  sales message, a physical brand, a product, it's up to you! The layout of the page will change and posts will become more visible and easier to read.

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So what else has changed?

Well the whole structure of the business page has changed, in the past just a few businesses have utilised the Facebook Flyer/Page functionality available on your business page, the new layout will make these more visible and give you a much bigger page/pages to market specific elements of your business such as a product or service. These pages are effectively mini web pages that are coded into you Facebook Business Page which therefore makes it a mini website for your business on Facebook with more information and links to your website and calls to action to contact your company.

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Setting Up a Page

When you set up your Page, you can request a web address like facebook.com/yourgreatcompany, which makes it easy to find. To maximise the impact, include this address on your business card, website and other marketing materials. Note though that you can't do this from day one, this function is only available when you have around 20 followers.

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Make sure you use your Facebook Business Page

Once you have set-up your Facebook Business Page you need to start using it by posting regular updates about your company, what you're up to, new products etc... Your followers will see what you have to say so make it informative and you will grow your audience and increase your brand awareness.

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