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Succesful Email Marketing?

Successful Email Marketing is more than setting up a list of contacts in Outlook and just sending a sales email to them.Done correctly, Email Marketing is the most instant cost effective and flexible marketing medium available to businesses. Successful email campaigns will increase your sales, reduce your marketing costs, generate more referrals and shorten your sales cycle.

That is why so many businesses are doing it, but few are doing it well! Tristar can help maximise your brand, promote new product launches and last minute offers.

Benefits of Email Marketing to your business:

  • Considerably lower cost than letters fast delivery
  • No lengthy lead times to produce
  • Keeps you in regular contact with clients
  • Helps convert prospects to clients
  • Creates awareness of your company and brand
  • Can showcase products and services
  • Increase sales & cross selling

Why it Works?

The basics of Email Marketing are simple! By sending your customers or prospects a regular email newsletter, you are keeping your business fresh in their minds. So the next time they need your products or services, they will think of you first before your competitors.

Most sales opportunities come from contacting someone at just the right time, a phone call, a letter landing on a desk, that’s assuming the letter gets to that person's desk or you are lucky enough to have a receptionist to put you through to the correct person! An email newsletter has a much stronger chance of getting to the person you want to reach and on a regular basis!


Create visually attractive, relevant, promotional emails that will catch the interest of the reader. Create a campaign that offers value by giving latest industry news, developments, product updates or relevant offers.


The information you collect about your customers and potential customers will allow you to tailor your lists and promote and customise your offers so that you can get the best possible return from your email campaigns.


Track your campaigns, find out who reads your newsletters, what links deliver readers to your website, what promotions and information generate more interest, remember if someone regularly reads your news items they will know who you are, your brand, and will remember you when it’s time to buy.

Responsive Email Newsletters.

Google reports over 70% of all searches are on mobile devices, indicating that many of us view websites and our email these days on mobile devices. Making sure that your email newsletters are also responsive for mobile devices is more important than ever.

Creating mobile friendly emails means that there is more likely hood that they will be read.

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Email Marketing

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