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Responsive Design

With so many Internet users now surfing the Net using mobile devices Responsive Design is becoming the norm!

In addition to Google reporting over 70% of web searches now being carried out on mobile devices, it now ranks mobile friendly websites above those that are not in mobile search so this is another reason why you should be exploring 'Responsive Design'.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive Design is a way of creating a website design to give the user the optimum viewing experience across all devices. This encompasses desktop, tablets and mobile phones.

This is based on screen size so that if you are viewing a site on a mobile phone, for instance, you should be presented with a whole different viewing experience to how the site is displayed on a desktop for instance.

This is based on a mix of flexible grids and layouts and images using CSS with the media being used identifying the right layout to be presented on the device you are using.

This means that if you are on a mobile phone the information is wrapped round to a long scrolling page with the information being presented at a readable size without the need to pinch, pull and zoom in to read the information as you do if a website is not responsive.

Your website designer will create 5 design layouts, 1 for desktop and 2 for both tablet and mobile which takes care of orientation recognising if you are viewing in either portrait or landscape mode.

Responsive Design

Template Responsive Design

Template Design

Working with Premium Responsive Templates as a base point to a design can make entry or upgrades to a website more cost effective than a fully bespoke design.

Tristar will make changes to the design so that it follows your brand, change colours, logos, create banners for promotional areas, adjust footer sizes, add your images or high-quality library images, Remove all non-required elements and build the template into the content management system.

Bespoke Responsive Design

Bespoke Design

We pride ourselves on creative design and building innovative, creative websites and web applications, giving the website user the best possible experience.

Design and branding for websites are not the same as for print design. It is essential to balance creativity with functionality. We design sites that are creative and visually appealing and delivering information in a clear manner and that are accessible to all visitors.

We work with you to design a solution that ensures that your website is a professional reflection of your business, be sure you won’t be getting the same old template with a logo slapped in the corner.

Creative Design

Creative Design

No logo? Time for a change? We can design a logo for your business, we will look at ‘Who You Are’, ‘What You Do’, and ‘What Makes You Different’ to your competitors.

Your website is almost complete and you already have your online launch marketing plan of SEO, Email Marketing and Pay-Per-Click organised, but what about your offline plans?

A good way of promoting your website offline is with launch postcards, you can give these out at exhibitions, as a retailer drop them into your bags when you make a sale or simply post them to your existing clients saying ‘come take a look’! Find out more...

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