Monthly Archives: December 2011

Time to do away with the sign-up button?

Sign ups are still thought to be of a standard design, a bit of basic content with a simple "sign up" button below. The common thought that if you remove the button that your website will suffer a decrease in people signing up for more information on that particular product or service. A recent study…
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AddThis Tool! Make Sharing Easy

Get more traffic with the most popular sharing platform in the world. Help your users share your content everywhere. It only takes seconds to get AddThis, and it's free! (more…)
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YouTube – Your Channel to Market!

Once the playground for would be film makers, YouTube is increasingly becoming a major marketing channel. With Google owning YouTube and placing strong relevance on search engine ranking of videos that match a search term, we should all be looking at the best ways to utilise YouTube to promote our products, services and websites as…
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