Web Trends: Every Designer Should Be Aware of!

web trends

There are over 22 types of web trends that exist today; as the internet never stops evolving with its increase in device diversity, image-rich news sites and scripting smarts. Designers and developers should always be on their feet when it comes to new technology and software comes out frequently. There are so many styles that could possibly influence any designer or developer and here is what you should be on the look for.

Web Trends: Advertising

Responsive web designs focus on performance and content, where ad-blocking has become normal in 2016. People are rejecting ludicrous privacy intrusions and that is why the industry will have to change.  In 2015, advertisers were able to create overlays and model pop-ups until Apple had legitimised ad-blocking which created publishers and ad networks to create workarounds with ads that jump out of your screen and hit you in the face such as Facebook page.

Web Trends: Animation

In 2016 animation will be used in an elaborate manner to enhance the appeal of websites and will support storytelling on the internet. Designers will become more creative with animation and it will be common to engage in minor animations to give users feedback for actions. This will result in a seamless and smooth experience, especially when disguising loading times.

Web Trends: Bespoke Illustration

Illustration can be an unforgettable substitution which could set your site apart from others as well as describe arduous theories. In the online world, illustrations are essential where custom assets will make brands stand out.

CSS Grid Layout

CSS Grid Layout will revolutionise how people build and approach layouts. It is different and powerful and will require responsive design while breaking bad habits could be a great combination. The support of CSS Grid Layout is approaching faster than it can be realised.

Data Ownership

Another trend that has hit the market is that data ownership will be huge in 2016 due to growing commercial and government demands. This will occur in order to improve surveillance by debating weakening encryption or net neutrality; you will be observing at a potential shift in the basis of the open web. Mud developer Cole Henley states “Unless we stand up for the liberties and privacy we today enjoy online, we’ll lose the web as we know it”.

Design Leadership

In 2016, there will be a rise in demand for design leadership and organisations will begin to invest in design to embrace ‘digital transformation’ which doesn’t always pan out. Those online companies that are looking to venture beyond the superficial design concerning ‘holistic customer experiences’ and design culture will need assistance will have organisations hiring in-house managers.

In-House Teams

Another web trend that is occurring today is that 2016 will bring in a larger investment of in-house teams that will create outside partners to change their contributions to focus on increasing collaboration, training and consultancy. This could possibly create sustainability and a positive learning experience with the mix of external specialists and in-house teams.

There are many other web trends that are happening these days from feed-based designs, smart TVs to virtual reality. 2016 will be a big year for the online market and if this interests you and you want to learn more; contact our experienced representatives at www.tristarwebsolutions.co.uk/contact now.

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