3 common issues with Content Marketing (and how to avoid them)

3 common issues with content marketing

3 common issues with content marketing

Your website is the single most deadly weapon to target and lure visitors to your site. Here is a chance to make a lasting impression on your visitors to your website. Although the development of your webpage is the first step to joining the wonderful world of e-commerce, the execution of your site is where the money’s at. Enter Content Marketing.

Making choices about the colour, fonts, layout and the design elements that make your site unique is extremely important – as this really is a make-or-break situation. As a web design company we realise the complexity of content marketing and noticed the various issues surrounding it. So, here are the three common issues we noticed are with content marketing – and a few solutions to halt them from hindering your ability to produce valuable content.

Problem #1 – you have to be everywhere, all the time

Unless you’re batman, this could be quite overwhelming to do and could do more harm than good to your content marketing strategy. The average B2B enterprise uses 12 different content marketing strategies. Odds are you’re feeling flabbergasted by the number of channels you are creating content for.

Solution: KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid. Choose a couple of channels and be great at it. It could be podcasts, webinars, social media or a blog catered to a specific market. Choose your best option and put most of your energy onto that channel.

Problem #2 – you have content performance issues

You feel like your content is not reaching customers or helping customers in any way that you can measure.

Solution: Focus acutely on exactly who you’re communicating to, your customers’ desired outcomes and whether they’d be engaged in this content. Research first on what the reader is looking to get out of the content you provide. Anticipate questions that your customers are trying to find and answer them in your blog post.

Problem #3 – you have plenty of content, but no audience

It happens to all of us. We get so focused on creating our content; we forget that our audience development strategy should come first. Audience consideration should come imminently after content planning.

Solution: To build an audience for your content here are some ideas:

  1. 1. Start with an influencer list: Build an influencer list, reach out bloggers. Searchcap is one example in the SEO industry. Get to know them, and see if they would be interested in your latest piece of content. If done right, your network of influencers will help you build an audience.
  2. 2. Embrace guest posting: quid pro quo – something for something. Guest posting and contributions should be a major part of your strategy for growing your subscriber base.
  3. 3. Participate on Q&A networks: if you created a “how to” content see if it would be a good reference to add on Q&A networks. Add a link to your site with your answer as additional reference.
  4. 4. Send content to your mailing list: customers will appreciate receiving emails that are not always about sales, but simple sharing valuable content.

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