Why does Google Webmaster tools keep emailing me that my web site is not mobile friendly?

"Webmaster Tools: ‘non-mobile-friendly pages found on your site, and the issues discovered"Google Mobile Search

One of the biggest changes to Google’s ranking algorithms is coming on 21 April 2015 when Google changes to mobile search!

From April 21st, how ‘mobile-friendly’ your website is will have a direct impact on how successful it is in Google’s search results. With the rise in use of mobile devices our own analysis shows an average of 68% of client site visits are on mobile devices and this is only going to increase. With this in mind form April 21st Google will be ranking mobile friendly web sites higher in search results than those only built for desktops and laptops.

This is huge as so many sites are not ‘Responsive’ or mobile friendly and this is because your website may have been built several years ago when mobile viewing was minimal or non-existent! Only in the last year have we seen a shift to developing websites to be responsive which means that they will adjust layout for the devise being viewed on and even then not everyone has plumped for this option, choosing to stick with standard desktop and Laptop layouts.

There are millions of websites designed even 1 to 3 years that may not perform that well on mobiles. This is particularly true for smaller businesses, where development budgets are tight and feel they don’t need all the bells and whistles. Unfortunately when you are searching for a local company this is often on a mobile device and the smaller local companies without mobile friendly sites are just not going to appear as easily.

Google have said that changes will only affect searching on mobile traffic but if 68% of your current traffic comes from searches on a mobile devise then that is 68% of the people looking for you that may not find you so easily. Who is to say that over the next year with the increase in mobile browsing that this won’t then be reflected across all Google search algorithms?

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