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Nene Overland was looking for a new website that gave them the ability to advertise both new and used cars and sell parts on the website. They were looking at WordPress and a specific theme developed for vehicle sales and wanted a specialist to develop the WordPress site for them.

Part of this was to add WooCommerce as they wished to sell many 1000's of parts on the site also. The issue here is that WordPress and WooCommerce would find it difficult to cope with the sheer number of products in load time in querying posts as opposed to a specialist eCommerce database. With this in mind, the shop was developed separately using OpenCart


Nene had already sourced a specialist theme and required branding, colours and layout to reflect the business.

The structure of the site was created to the sitemap required with additional promotional elements and search elements also added.


Built using WordPress with specific modules allowing for information and specification for car sales. The site also used a premium responsive template which was branded to Nene Overland,s branding guidelines.

Whats on the site

Wordpress Content Management System

  • Vehicle Listing System
  • Visual Composer
  • Youst SEO Module
  • 301 Redirects Module
  • Some bespoke listing coding
  • and more...


Great company, great advice, great service. Always very helpful and no major dramas when you need something updating or tweaking."
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Nene Overland

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