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A carpet bag is a travelling bag made of carpet, commonly from an oriental rug. They were a popular form of luggage in the United States and Europe in the 19th century. The carpet bag was invented as a type of baggage light enough for a passenger to carry, like a duffel bag, as opposed to a wooden or metal trunk, which required the assistance of porters.

Carpet bags had a site that was built in Magento but required support and maintenance services.


Carpet Bags had issues with layout within the website, including navigation, product and homepage layouts.

They required a company that was happy to work with them in making changes to the design and layout as and when required.

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A 'Monthly Maintenance contract' means that we are able to work with Carpet Bags in making required changes to the website, and including some training.

The key area is that it is important to make sure all patches are regularly updated on a regular basis to make sure that the security of the site is not compromised.

Whats on the site

Magento website with standard functionality.


Addition of drop shipping integration of its own products to third-party websites.


I came to use Tristar as I needed technical support for several of our websites already hosted with another of their associated companies - ByteHouse.
Over the past 12 months, I have received excellent service for all our Group websites and what has impressed me most are Tristar's ease of communication, the speed of response, follow-up and flexibility of pricing. You just know you've got it right when two companies in the same group deliver consistently and raise the bar. I recommend these guys 100%.
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Hugh Silberrad

Group IT Manager, Polyformes Ltd