Pokemon Go 12 Essential must haves fun safe Pokemon Go summer


Pokémon Go – 12 Essential must haves for a fun safe Pokémon Go Summer!

The school summer holidays are nearly upon us and hopefully some lovely hot weather, so it’s the ideal time to get out and about catching Pokémon!
We have a top 10 list of what you need to have and do so that you have a great fun time.

be awareBE AWARE
Please keep safe by being aware of what is around you, roads, rivers, rail tracks, cliffs, beaches! Don’t just look at your phone, look at what is going on around you so that you or your friends don’t have accidents.

Go out with friends, you are always going to be safer if you have a small group of friends to go Pokémon hunting with and it’s more fun and you are bound to find even more. You can also battle your Pokémon too.

battery packBattery Power Bank
Your phone battery won’t last for ever so if you have a Power Bank, make sure it’s charged and take it with you.

suntan lotionSuntan Lotion
Make sure you have put-on some suntan lotion, you don’t want to get burnt.

Wear a hat to keep the sun off your head and also it will shade your screen making it easier to see in the sunlight.

Protect your eyes from the sun and look cool!

Make sure you take some water to keep yourself hydrated.

OLD PEOPLEBe Courteous
Watch where you are going, not only for your own safety but for others, it’s just as easy to walk into people as well as a road.

keep-outKeep Out
If it is obvious that where you are is dangerous, or private property then don't go there.

If you have said or have been asked to be home by a certain time then make sure you are as your battery may be dead or almost dead by the time your home and if your battery is dead you can’t be reached.

Be careful of strangers, you don’t know what they want! Also don’t keep your valuable phone on display all the time, keep it and you safe.

Your data will go much faster so make sure if you are going somewhere new to keep your data switched off till you get there as it will be being used constantly and again switch it off when you are home and use your wifi. If you run out in a few days you might have to wait till the next month before your phone is topped-up.


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