Google URL Builder

Technically, URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator. In English, it is a reference to a certain address (resource) on the internet. An example of a URL is: This is made up of two parts: the protocol identifier (the “http” in the example), and the resource name (the “” in the example). Now, a Google URL Builder adds several parameters to your URL in order to help you through your custom campaign.


Tracking your Campaign Using Google URL Builder

The Google URL Builder can be used to track campaigns. Say you started a marketing or an advertising campaign, and you want to get feedback about its turnout, the Analytics on the Google URL Builder provide with the best. When you send out your newsletter, for instance, aiming to drive traffic back to your website in order to covert this traffic into customers, it gives you an analysis on how your positive your campaign was. What you need to do in order to be able to get this is to add a tracking code to your URL, which also known as “tagging.” This permits you to identify how users are getting to your site. After that, you can find your statistics on Google Analytics.


Receiving the Data through Google Analytics

When you launch any campaign, you aim to get people to visit your site, and to potentially become customers. Google Analytics provides you with a thorough report that discloses to you important information like which link caught the most attention by providing you with the number of clicks for each link you attached, where the most traffic is driven from, and your email deliverability. However, before you can get this beneficial information, you also need to set up an account on Google Analytics.


Allow Us to Help You

Allow us to help you set up your Google URL builder and your Google Analytics accounts to ensure that your campaign is as efficient as you would like it to be, or to give you a heads-up if it is not. Contact our experienced representatives for more information at

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