Visual Composer for WordPress: Features and Setup

Visual Composer

Visual Composer for WordPress has brought a form of simplicity in making modifications to websites design, layouts, themes etc. This is especially good news for those who do not have much experience with working in WordPress, but also to professional developers who can save up valuable time when using Visual Composer. Let’s take a look at the setup and some of the features that come with Visual Composer for WordPress

Visual Composer for WordPress Features

Something that must be mentioned before taking a look at the features is that Visual Composer for WordPress is not a plugin that can be openly found within the WordPress plugin directory. This is due to the fact that it is a plugin you must purchase and is available only directly from CodeCanyon. One of the most beneficial features is Frontend and Backend page building. From the frontend you can monitor your content and how it looks, by switching between different devices.  This will give you a chance to make sure your pages are fully responsive and everything is according to your design plans. From the backend building different types of pages, using WordPress dashboard can be done fast and with a simple to use drop and drag interface. Other features you might find useful are its full compatibility with any WordPress theme; therefore there is no need for changes of the existing code. With easily customisable layouts you can quickly change and apply different themes and layouts. Additionally designs of the Visual Composer make it compatible to use on mobile devices and is fully responsive.

Visual Composer for WordPress Setup

As mentioned above, Visual Composer is a paid plugin that needs to be purchased before the upload to WordPress. Installation is the same process as other plugins and once activated, it will appear in the settings option in the main WordPress dashboard. With this plugin you are capable of adjusting some of the basic plugin settings. You are able to enable the Visual Composer for both posts and pages. You are also able to set specific access rights for individual users as well as enable and disable elements for different users; and can display this plugin in two places on the WordPress platform: post edit area and standard WordPress editor. The setup is fairly simple and it also gives you the option to modify the look and feel of the plugin in accordance to the theme of your site. It is also very simple to modify the CSS without changing any other files with the custom CSS tab. You can also integrate your Envato account to enable automatic updates and support with the product license tab.

Visual Composer offers many other features and other setups that will help you create the posts and pages that you truly desire. With this easy to install paid plugin, you will be able to get started with creating your site the way you want it. If you are looking for more information, contact us now at

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