WordPress: Top 3 Free E-commerce Plugins


It’s been a long journey since WordPress has emerged as a simple blogging platform to where it stands today. Now it is a strong tool which you can use to transform your site and build your own E-commerce store. So today we will discuss the top three free E-commerce plugins you can use to accomplish just that.

WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

WooCommere is one of the most used and most popular WordPress plugins. It is a highly customisable tool, with extensions and themes available to you to make an E-commerce store that will suit any needs you have. Used by almost 30% of E-commerce stores on the web today, WooCommerce will allow you to manage your inventory, different options regarding shipping, reports on reviews and sales, among others. WooCommerce also comes with PayPal integration as a standard.

Easy Digital Downloads WordPress Plugin

If you are looking for a simpler solution for you store, you should consider Easy Digital Downloads. It is another free WordPress plugin that is more suitable for smaller size stores. Instead of offering big number of features to users, EED simplifies things by providing you with commonly used and needed features by E-commerce store developers. With its reporting system you will able to follow and analyse your sales and revenue. It has been built with WP coding standards, meaning developers can make changes to the code much easier if needed.

WP E-commerce WordPress Plugin

Another simple plugin, that brings you simple but more powerful features. WP E-commerce puts you in full control of your website by adding products while at the same time customising the look and style of your store. Additionally, if you choose to sell downloads, subscriptions, physical products or even combinations of these and others, this plugin can make that happen. There are also multiple payment gateways available, which can be easily integrated with WP E-commerce.

These free WordPress plugins are some of the top plugins you can choose from to build your own E-commerce store the way you want it built. For any additional information on how to build your E-commerce store or which plugins you should use feel free to contact our team at www.tristarwebsolutions.co.uk/contact.

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