OpenCart: Winning the Battle of Abandoned Shopping Carts


You have setup your online store via Opencart and you are pushing your advertisement through with success. Your presence on social media is noticed and followers are increasing each day. But if your sales percentage is standing still what is it that you are doing wrong? The answer is nothing. Close to 70% of shoppers abandon their cart before completing a purchase. If this is the case for you, there are some easy fixes that can make all the difference for your store.

Analysing Your OpenCart Store

In order to know what needs fixing, first you must find the issue. This can be done through analysing your store using Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager. Using them you can analyse events or situations on your store, by tagging and tracking them. Focus on your product page and process of checking out, and keep an eye out for drop off points as well as bounce rates.

Stay Honest About Your Prices and Allow for Cart Changes Before Checkout

Best way of retaining your customers is building trust between you and them. If you think adding hidden costs or fees for your products will increase your revenue, think again. It will only drive people away from your store, so stay honest about your shipping fees and any additional costs. Make sure your customers are well informed about all of them before they commit to placing a payment. When it comes to cart changes, allow your customers to any last minute changes they might want to do in their shopping carts before they checkout, as well as any other type of cart editing before the finalisation of the purchase will have a big impact on driving your sales.

Mobile Optimisation, Website Testing

Optimising your site for use across different platforms and devices will be to your advantage, and will keep you up with the expansion of new technologies. Having a responsive design, that works on any device will improve user experience and reduce cart abandonment. One way of staying in front of any potential issues with your site that might drive customers away from your store, is doing extensive testing before you decide to go live.

Implementing some of these easy fixes with your OpenCart store, will reduce cart abandonment, and keep your sales percentage up with your stores overtime growth.

OpenCart Abandoned Cart Modules and Google Funnels

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