Domain Name: How to Choose the Best One

domain name

Finding the best Domain Name for your new ecommerce website might be a little harder than it might seem. Mainly it is because of the availability issue. This means that the Domain Name you choose will most likely already be taken. Still there are ways to go about this problem, as well as choosing the best Domain Name for your website.

Importance of Keywords in Your Domain Name

Figuring out what will be the keywords in your Domain Name is something you should focus on. Best way to do this is using your main product as such. This is a quick and easy way you can present your store or products, to potential customers. Not only is it good for presentation reasons, but it could also help you rank up higher with search engines such as Google, and its search results.

Spelling and Length

Be wary of how you spell your ecommerce Domain Name. Changing the spelling and using numbers like 4 instead of “for” or syllables such as U instead of “you”, should be avoided. The key is to make it easy to type and spell. If your ecommerce website is recent or new on the web, it is important to work on increasing your ranking from the start. Length wise, keep it short if possible. Avoid using full sentences. Making it short and simple will help your customers memorise it easier.

Domain Name Availability

While creating a new Domain Name, it is likely you will encounter a message stating “not available” or “already in use”, numerous times. There are a few workarounds for this problem. For one, try using synonyms or different variations of the wanted word. Another approach would be using name generating tools to help you get a basic idea to work off or find your ideal name.

Finding the best Domain Name for your ecommerce website is of great importance for the future of your business and its rankings in search results. These methods and others like it can help you create and find exactly that.  For help or information regarding how to create a domain name, please contact our experienced representatives at

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