Linux Web Hosting and its Perks

Linux Web Hosting

Two major platforms used in website hosting today are Windows and Linux operating systems. They both come with their fair share of benefits. Nevertheless, Linux Web Hosting brings more to the plate compared to Windows. With that being said, Linux Web Hosting is the solution that is more preferred amongst website owners. Let’s have a look into the advantages Linux can offer you.

Low Price and Data Backup in Linux Web Hosting

One of the biggest advantages is the fact that Linux is an open platform. This means that it’s free to use, making it a low-cost solution for you or your clients. Along with that, there are a number of applications and tools available to download, which is also free of charge. All of them are compatible with the Linux system and easy to use. Backing up your data is crucial for any website out there. With Linux you can achieve this by using backup utilities like fwbackups, Rsync, Mondorescue and many more.

Dependable Platform and Program Compatibility

Linux OS is a system you can depend on to deliver stability and flexibility. It reflects in quick resolutions of any issues within the system.  Developers can modify and adapt source codes for their own needs and purposes. Keep in mind that problems can occur with any system, but with Linux, fixing them is fast and easy.  Program compatibility is another big advantage. Many types of databases and programs like PHP, MySQL and more are supported by Linux. The one exception to it is that Microsoft developed programs, unfortunately are not compatible.

Performance Compared to Windows

Linux OS compared to Windows in performance has far better results. There are no slowdowns in speed over time; no memory leaks and uptime on Linux servers are better and higher than other servers. Additionally it is able to handle bigger server loads.

Linux Web Hosting comes with these and other advantages you can utilise and make hosting your websites easy, efficient and above all cost effective. For further information, contact our experienced sales representatives for more information now at

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