Hosting Providers: Understanding Different Types

Before launching your website, the step you must follow through is choosing an appropriate hosting provider. Understanding different types of Hosting Providers could help you make the right choice. Being aware of the type of service your website requires, goes a long way in making sure your website is stable and fast.

Hosting Providers U Can Use For Free

Web hosting for free is definitely something you do not want to use as a business user. If you are building experience as a website developer or you are simply doing it for fun this would be the solution for you. With free website hosting come slow speeds, website availability is often down and banners for advertisement are automatically added.

Shared Hosting Providers

By using shared hosting providers you and other website owners share a single server for hosting. Aside sharing a single server in its physical form, you also share all applications used by that same server. It is a cost efficient way to host your website as you and other website owners share the price for hosting privileges. But it comes with its downside as speeds are often slow, resulting in your website producing slow speeds as well.

Dedicated Hosting Providers

For increased levels of security and speed dedicated servers are the best choice. Boost in speed is achieved simply because you are the only user on the server. With no need to share resources with other websites, improvement in performance is obvious. This also means that all the cost will be covered only by you, but if your website requires more resources, dedicated hosting providers are what you need.

Collocated Hosting Providers

If full control over your server is what you are looking for, collocated servers are the way to go. With this option, purchasing your privately owned server the responsibility of it falls on you alone. It enables you to install any application or software you need. The server will be housed at hosting provider’s facilities.

Understanding different types of Hosting Providers, as well as the needs of your website is an important part in choosing the best host for you.

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