SEO: What to Look for in an Agency


Making the increase in generated traffic through an organic search for your ecommerce website and ways you can achieve this, is always something you should be looking into. If you are lacking the experience and you chose to go with an SEO agency, here are a few things you should be looking for in one.

SEO Agencies You Should Avoid

As mentioned before, if you lack the experience, don’t make yourself fall into intrusting this task to the first agency you come across. Although some may seem to have experience in this area, not everybody stating being an expert actually is. Look out for things like short working history, two years or less. If contact information is missing from the site, from listings or there is no presence of the business on social media. If the website of the agency you are looking in to lacks quality in design and SEO, it is a good sign to steer clear. Be wary of agencies guaranteeing high ranking, using purchased links or SEO packages, keep out. It requires much more hard work and effort to achieve a higher ranking position, as opposed to buying links.

Questions You Should Be Asking

Always make sure to check out the SEO experts the agency is providing you with and their past experiences in working with such, as well as the agencies experience in the industry. Ask the agency to provide you with references to the work they have previously done. Will you receive monthly reports of made progress? Is the agency respected in the industry? What is their marketing plan and how will they take advantage of the opportunities on today’s market?

Choosing the right SEO agency can and should take time. It is important to make the right choice as your ecommerce business depends on it. Be patient, do the research and know your goals and expectations.  

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