OpenCart: How to Improve Traffic and Sales


Regardless of how successful your store has become, you should always be searching for new ways to improve your OpenCart website. By doing so you can not only improve your sales, but costumer experience too, and a happy costumer could bring potential new ones. It is a circle, one that can benefit you greatly if time and some consideration are taken in implementing some of these tips.

OpenCart Visualise Products

Visualising your products by combining them together, and displaying them as a set, is a productive way in increasing your sales. This kind of product imaging could potentially motivate your costumers to buy more than one product the initially intended to.

Offering Attractive Deals

Appealing to your costumers, the old and new is not easy. In a highly competitive ecommerce OpenCart market today, making offers and deals that will attract new buyers is crucial.  A way of staying ahead of your competition is always making a better deal than the one they are prepared to offer. For shipping you could offer discounts or deals like free return, free shipping, and delivery within 24 hours etc.

Price Ending and One Time Offers

Price ending also known as psychological pricing is a method vastly used by retailers and stores all around us. By not making the price at a round number for e.g. 30 £ but rather keeping it at 29.99 £, it provides an illusion of a lower price. This method has proven to be very effective as costumers will always notice the lower number first, rather than the round one. Another useful way to increase your traffic is using one time limited offers. Promoting them is the key but also offering discounts available only for a specific period of time.

It takes a little bit of creativity, psychology and marketing skills and you will be on the right way towards   improving traffic and sales for your OpenCart website and store.

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