Google Funnel – Improving conversions

Google Funnel – Improving conversions

Google funnel

Getting a potential customer to your website costs you money and then losing them in the sales process for no apparent reason is annoying!

Google Funnel allows you to see where these potential customers are being lost within the checkout process, there will be a certain number of steps a customer needs to make in order to place an order and pay for your products or service. Funnels help us to see the process and steps in the process to sale giving us a visual representation of the steps taken and where these potential customers are lost in the process.

Looking at these steps allows you to analyse your customers behaviour through this process and what can be done to improve the drop-out and also identify any possible bugs or browser issues.

Google Funnel – Setting Goals

You can set-up a Google Funnel in your Google Analytics account or ask your web company to do it for you, most websites will require a small code tweak or module to push the data.

The Google Funnel is set-up using a number of page URL’s in the process of buying a product, i.e. Billing Address – Delivery Address – Delivery Method – Payment Method – Confirm Order – Place Order.

Once set-up Google will now process the information and show you how many people are lost through the process and give you a solid indication of where in the process potential customers are lost.

Google Funnel – Improving Conversion Rates

Once you start collecting this valuable data you can then start to analyse the steps in the process, where you lose the most visitors, and look at why this may be and how you might address this to improve the conversion to sale or even the flow to the next step. I.e. You are losing a large number at delivery method, have you not made the cost of delivery clear throughout the site? Is the delivery cost to expensive? Making changes that display the cost of delivery throughout the site, trialling a free or reduced delivery cost may also indicate that your costs are too high.

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