5 tips for using Google Fonts

5 tips for using Google Fonts

1 – Keep It Simple

Google Fonts

Google Fonts

With an almost endless variety of options available to today's web designers, it can be easy to get carried away, or worse, to become completely overwhelmed by the plethora of choice. Remember that a single font can sometimes be simple and effective, especially if it has a versatile font family with a good range of font weights. A common and effective tactic if you're just starting out is to choose two different fonts, one for headings and one for body text, to keep your page simple while still having a pleasing contrast.

2 – What are you saying?

This may sound obvious, but you shouldn't even be thinking of fonts until you make sure your content is well-written. Bells and whistles won't save poorly written content but good typography can really lift good content, giving your site that something extra. Always put the content first.

3 – Test your fonts

Always make sure to test fonts before putting them into a design. By ensuring from the start that your chosen fonts function well together, complementing rather than overwhelming each other, you can save yourself the horror of realising your site is unreadable at the end. Consider different screen sizes, such as for laptops or mobile phones, and whether or not your readers will be able to distinguish between fonts.

4 – Contrast

Contrast is always catching to the readers eyes as our brains are designed to look for changes and differences in the world. Look for fonts with different weights and styles that work well together (but don't forget to test!). You can also try using different colours, fills or shades to bring a nice visual balance to your page's overall design.

5 – Have fun exploring

With ever-expanding libraries and new options opening up everyday, don't be afraid to explore your font options and try different things. Trust your taste to be able to tell when things work and enjoy mixing it up – that's how great and innovative design is often created.

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