5 web design trends to watch in 2015

5 web design trends to watch in 2015

5 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2015

5 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2015

01. Parallax scrolling

Highly interactive and narratively driven web pages are a cool way to engage visitors to your website and grasp their attention. This design relies on the user to scroll with a mouse, use arrow keys or finger swipe to generate movement – thus creating a unique storytelling experience. Parallax scrolling templates are readily available on WordPress and other platforms for little expense. Expect to see a lot more highly innovative, creative and driven web pages. Great examples include websites from Apple and Lexus.

02. Vibrant design

Think bright, bold and graphical. This type of trend adds fun and levity to web design – so we can see why it is favoured by many designers. Imagine vibrant, unexpected colours, contrasted with a neutral and subdued background. This type of animated design will most certainly delight users and create a seamless and fun user experience.

03. Responsive

I’m sure you’ve heard this one a lot… And now you’ll hear it again – be responsive. Over the last few years, responsive design has become the new standard for webdesign. Many users visit websites from various different devices: mobile, desktops and tablets, so responsive design is the ideal solution. This trend will stay around for a long time, and has ceased to become the new norm in design.

04. Card-based design

The rise of smartphones has made the card-based design the new “Thing.” Imagine a webpage filled with many different rectangular/square shaped content bucket fillers placed either neatly or randomly.

Card design is ideal for the Millennials (the Too Long; Didn’t Read generation), perfect for mobile devises and responsive design. With heaps of benefits this trend brings, we’ll certainly be seeing a lot more of the card design in the years ahead. A great example of card-based design is from Pinterest and Google Now.

05. The bigger the better

It’s either go big or go home for web design nowadays. OK, maybe not literally go home, but to get more people to go on your homepage – this is a cool trend to follow.
Many designers have opted to place supersize images with just a few words overlaid on the image background. The reasons for this trend are both visual and pragmatic. It gives users maximum impact as soon as they land on your site. It’s also straightforward to code, thus works well on mobiles and desktops.

This trend has been inspired by movies, TV ads and book covers – and looks like it’ll be sticking around for a while. With growing access to high quality images and fast technology, we’re seeing websites take these supersize image layouts to the next level. Some great examples of websites leveraging this trend include: websites Bluebird Seasonaire and The Paper Mill.

Responsive design dominated 2014, now flat design is gaining momentum in 2015 and there’ll be a lot more new things emerging with each passing year. Web design is constantly changing, so it’s crucial to continually update your site and utilise the key trends based on the needs of your clients in order to provide a great user experience – across all devices.


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