5 ways small businesses can maximise their social media marketing efforts

5 ways small businesses can maximise their social media marketing efforts

5 ways small businesses can maximise their social media

5 ways small businesses can maximise their social media

Post compelling content

Your content should provide some type of value for your audience. You should look to post relevant, educational, entertaining information that will inspire readers to respond, share your brand, and essentially become consumers. Great content curation will provide long-term awareness and brand recall – ensuring your brand is at the top of someone’s mind when it comes to making a purchase decision.

Urge not to be a robot

Automating your social media marketing campaign is convenient, but may not be such a good idea. If your posts appear too robotic or look like spam, your efforts could actually drive your consumers away. Software like HootSuite which lets you post to multiple sites at once can be a good way to get your personal message across to a broader audience, but automating your social media strategy further could be damaging for the brand. Social media is effective because of its human touch – if that’s lost then consumers will be lost with it.

Be interactive

To give readers that extra nudge to respond, posts questions for them to answer. Another great way to increase consumer interaction is by conducting “tweet chats,” where a pre-set topic is announced and the conversion begins at a certain time. To leverage interaction, offer giveaways for those who respond to questions or participate.

Track your results

To determine how effective your social media strategy is and which social media platforms are worthwhile, you need to measure and track results. Fortunately, there are many tools for that. Export.ly helps you analyse your Facebook page and Twitter audience by allowing you to download customisable Excel spreadsheets. RowFeeder is a great tool to monitor what people are saying about your brand. If you want to see how often your tweets are being shared and by whom then check out, TweetReach.

Look beyond Facebook and Twitter

Creating content doesn’t instantly mean users will come to consume it and engage with your brand. You should draw attention to content through owned, earned and paid methods across a variety of channels, not just the obvious ones.
Identify how you can maximise the value of each piece of content and campaign – what other channels does your audience use besides Facebook and Twitter? What other platforms could help make the content more visible and sharable on your website? Can you distribute your content on other websites with a good coverage?
Are you using Google+ to link to content on your website? If No, then it’s a good idea to make an account today as Google+ has a major impact on search organic ranking.

Last words

Social media is the hot spot, everyone and everything’s on it. Although it takes time to create a strong online presence, it’s a necessary one. Marketing on social media is a great place to start and reinforce your online presence. It’s cost effective – and with the right approach, reader will not only become interested in your brand and become customers – but will also share your business with other people on other social media platforms, further increasing your online presence.

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