Is Content still king on Google?

Google has always put an emphasis on content being very important with the (more) google-mobile-searchrelevant content giving a better ranking.

With more website traffic now coming on mobile devices it appears that there is a move to less content appearing on a page, so when it comes to content maybe ‘Less is more’?

Google’s algorithm ‘Hummingbird’ is designed to look at ‘semantic’ search and this again is where ‘Mobile’ use becomes more apparent with ‘Voice Search’.

Mobile devices have become so good at understanding voice commands that many mobile device users will search by speech when searching the Internet. This is where we get back to the use of ‘phrases’ rather than keywords.

When looking for a local florist do you say ‘Florist Hertford’ or do you say ‘Florists in Hertford’ or ‘Flower shops in Hertford’? You are more likely to say one of the latter as you speak in this way!

This is where making sure your content includes a more phrased keyword approach with all the variations that you would expect to read/say will improve your chances of appearing In results will/could make a difference.

In addition making sure that you have created a ‘Google my Business’ page which now auto creates a G+ Business page will make sure you appear when people search using maps rather than a browser.

So the question is, with Google’s change to Mobile search on April 21st 2015 will search focused relevant content with a less is more approach be the key to good search results?

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