The Rising New Trend in Design Industries – ‘Flat Design’


Each year businesses need to look at the changes within their industry and what new technologies will bring in current year. It appears that there are a  lot of changes in store for 2014 with ‘flat designs’ playing a major role for  web developers, specifically for mobile technologies. Many of the major brands  such as  Microsoft, Apple and Google have upgraded their product from skeuomorphic design to flat design.

What Is Flat Design?

Flat design is a minimalist design method, which is based around ease of use and a simple interface, no shadow, no gradients, no textures, and no solid block colours. You will find that the use of subtle colours within a design is now in as they appear very attractive.

All the new technologies have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s us have a look at these…


This method will be a successful for number of reasons:

1.     Fast load times: The websites loading time is based upon several reasons, the main being images or graphics due to the file size. Flat design is faster than established websites, using graphical images and this type of interface is created by CSS, so it makes pages load faster.

2.     Efficient Responsive Design: flat designs are easy to access different devices like desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile because of the simple and clear layout designs, less decoration, less interaction levels and easy to read typography.

3.     Easy to Use: This method is focusing only on functionality, creating a better user experience.

4.     SEO Perspective: Flat Design layout, designing with application icons, the contrasting colours are inspiring to website readers, so the user will spend more time on your website. It will help to increase your website traffic, Finally it will improve web ranking.


1.     Flat designs are simple and very clean, so it can be difficult in conveying information with less graphics. It does not support animation and it is not perfect for developing other tricks.

2.     Choosing a pleasant combination colours is not an easy job. It is an easy task when you select two colours but choosing more than two colours is a big task for creating harmony.


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