Ecommerce Don’t Miss Out in 2014

2014 Ecommerce

2014 Ecommerce

Ecommerce Don't Miss Out in 2014

With the exception of groceries it is reported that 1 in 5 products are now purchased on-line!

2013 sore Many of the major retailers such as John Lewis, who have reported increased sales online of 26.5% for the 5 weeks before Christmas equating to almost a third of its business.

Others have reported their best ever Christmas but with many showing a substantial increase online but finding the bricks and mortar side of their retail business falling.

Some of our own clients, smaller online retailers have seen as much as a 50% increase in sales over the 3 months to Christmas! They are showing a return on their online investment but it is key to continue to reinvest in your websites, adding additional functionality, marketing and using customer retention methods.

There were also reports that twice as many consumers this year headed online on Christmas Day with sales starting a day earlier on-line beating the traditional ‘Boxing Day Sale’.

So why is this? Well in my opinion mobile devices are making it much easier to go shop online, mobile devices have now over taken surfing in the traditional way using a PC in 2013 and this is set to increase.

There are a number of things to learn from this, if you’re not selling on-line; then you need to hurry up and do so, continual marketing and customer retention methods, email marketing etc… will aid in increasing your 2014 figures!

Finally; is your website mobile friendly? If it’s not you should seriously be considering responsive design making the visitor experience far superior on a mobile phone or template.

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